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There is only one God, who has eternally existed in three persons, Father, Son and Spirit.


The Bible is God's true, inspired and authoritative word. This is where God has revealed himself to us. The Bible is all we need to learn God’s truth and how to live in faith and obedience to Him.


All human beings have rebelled and sinned against God and so are separated from him and deserving of his judgement and punishment in Hell.


However, God sent his one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to be our substitute and reconcile people to God. Jesus was born of a virgin; lived a perfect life in our place; died on the cross, taking the punishment for our sin; rose again from the dead and ascended to Heaven where he is seated at the right hand of God.


Because of this, any person who repents of sin and believes in Jesus and what he has done for them will be saved. They will be forgiven of their sin, reconciled to God, declared innocent and receive Jesus’ righteousness and eternal life. This is all because of God's grace through Christ and not because of what we have done. We cannot earn our salvation or save ourselves; salvation is only by God's grace through faith in Jesus.


The Holy Spirit prompts people to turn away from sin and turn in faith to Jesus. When someone becomes a Christian, they receive the Holy Spirit who comes to live in them. The Spirit helps us to live according to God's word, bringing renewal and transforming us into Christ’s likeness.


All those who have been saved and are Christians make up the Church. The Church are empowered by God’s Spirit to serve him; to live in community with one another; and to share the gospel with the world.


Jesus will return at the end of all time to judge the living and the dead. Those who have rejected him will face his judgement, while those who have accepted him will live with him forever in his new creation.

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