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August 2021 : In God we Trust - Psalm 20

On American dollar notes, you can still read the phrase, 'In God We Trust'. This will be true for many Americans or others who carry those notes around in their purse or wallet but for the majority, I doubt it.

Psalm 20 is believed to be written, prayed and sung on the eve of battle. King David would lead his army to battle and this was a prayer for God's hand to be upon them and give them success. Verses 1 – 5 are a prayer for God to answer all of the their petitions for success in battle. Verses 6 to 8 really demonstrate where David and the people of Israel had to put their trust if they were to succeed.

Verse 7 states,

'Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust In the name of the Lord our God.'

To help us understand the significance of this verse, Charles Spurgeon writes this,

'The most dreaded war-engine of David's day was the war-chariot, armed with scythes, which mowed down men like grass: this was the boast and glory of the neighbouring nations: but the saints considered the name of Jehovah to be a far better defence.'[1]

When the Israelites saw those enemy chariots coming over the hill towards them, that would surely test their resolve and their faith in God! It would have reinforced to them just how much they needed God in that moment and could not simply depend on their own strength and resources.

As believers today we live in a different time from David and the Israelites. We are no longer a nation that goes as a military army to fight battles. We do, however, go out in the name of the Lord and face other kinds of battles and wars. The Christian is a spiritual soldier with a battle all around.

We too need to trust in the Lord above everything else.

We trust in him alone for our salvation.

When we face temptation to sin, in that moment we must have a renewed trust in God to help us resist by his spirit. We cannot do it on our own strength.

When we go into a difficult meeting at work, we go in trusting in God to help us speak and act in a way that is glorifying to him.

When we suffer, we trust in God to sustain us and get us through tomorrow.

When we reach out to those around us with the gospel both as a Church and individuals, we trust in God.

We trust for him empowering and we recognise we can do nothing without the work of his spirit.

When the world around us seems in chaos.

[1] Treasury Of David, p.302

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